The Shard

The Shard is the tallest building in the European Union and is the second tallest free- standing structure in the United Kingdom after the 330 metro high concrete transmitting station at Emley Moor. This 95 storey skyscraper in London forms a part of London Bridge Quarter development and is also known as the Shard of Glass, Shard London Bridge and London Bridge Tower.

It is 310 meters high and has 72 livable floors: Offices – 2nd to the 28th floor, Restaurants – 31st to 33rd floor, Shangri – La Hotel – 34th to 52nd floor, Residences – 53rd to 65th floor and The View – 68th to 72nd floor .

The Shard was developed by Sellar Property and was designed by the Italian architect Rinzo Piano. This building was constructed on the site of Southwark towers, which was demolished in 2009. The Shard is constructed in a surface area of ​​56,000 square meters with 11,000 panes of glass. The glass panes reflect the sunlight and the sky, such that this building gets a different appearance based on the weather and season.

Hotel and Restaurants:

The Shangri La Hotel is from the 34th to 52nd floor and is a Hong Kong based 5-star hotel. This hotel has 200 luxurious rooms, a gym, spa, fitness center and other facilities. Rainer Becker's Oblix, Hutong and Aquashard are the restaurants available in this London skyscraper.

'The view from the Shard' is located between the 68th and 72nd floor at an altitude of 245 meters. This is the best place to perceive a stunning and magnificent view of the beauty of London and the long flowing River Thames. You will see St Paul's cathedral, London bridge, The London Eye, The Gherkin, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Olympic Stadium, London City Airport, Dover and more from the observation desk.

The Shard's construction began in 2009 and the steel structure was topped out on 30th March 2012. It was inaugurated by Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabber Al Thani, the prime minister of Qatar on 5th July 2012. The laser light shows consisting of 12 lasers and 30 searchlights illuminated the Shard during the inauguration ceremony. The building attained completion on November 2012 and 'The View of The Shard' was opened to the public from 1st February 2013.

London Bridge station is the nearest station and has Bond street to the west, the city to the north and Canary Wharf to the east. The Eurostar terminal at St Pancras is 15 minutes away from the Shard and provides international connectivity.

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Red, White and Blue – What Are The Timeshare Seasons?

The timeshare year is divided into seasons, it is these timeshare seasons which govern when you can use your timeshare. In the timeshare industry the seasons names can differ, instead of the traditional Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn, most timeshares go by Red, White and Blue. This is the system used by Resort Condominiums International (RCI), although II(Interval International employs a moderately different system of Red, Yellow and Green, which for all intents and purposes works in the same way.

Red weeks are usually referred to as the “high season” due to the higher demand in these weeks. This usually ties in with the best weather and the summer holidays – so properties with two and three bedrooms during red weeks are like gold dust in the best resorts such as Anfi Beach, Gran Canaria or Sheraton Pine Cliffs Portugal. White (or yellow weeks to Interval International) are thought of as “medium season” and Blue weeks, or Green are low season.

Calling them seasons is slightly confusing though, rather than working like Spring, Summer etc, the dates of timeshare seasons can vary depending on the club and the developer who own the timeshare. For the most sought after locations in constant high demand this can vary even more. Gran Canaria is “red” or high season because of the climate of the area and its popularity throughout the year. Public holidays give great weight on what the type of week it is, in US resorts Independence day or New Years day in Scotland dictate high season.

The timeshare seasons used by RCI and Interval International aren’t the only systems used though, some developers choose to use their own classifications for seasons. Marriott Marbella Beach Resort is a prime example of this, its high season weeks are named Platinum time within the resort and as red weeks with II.

Fixed and floating weeks are also governed by these timeshare seasons. A fixed red week timeshare is a set date within peak season of a resort, but a white floating week can be any available week within the mid-season. Fixed weeks (sometimes known as units not only guarantee the same date of time of your timeshare, but also where your timeshare is located within the resort. For timeshare owners who wanted a particularly spectacular view of the sea buying a fixed unit is certainly the best option.

If you are in the process of selling timeshares or looking to in the future, it is the season (red, white or blue) which will be most important for its sale price (in addition to resort location, number of beds etc). Equally for those thinking about trading or exchanging their timeshare through RCI or other company the season of the timeshare has real importance in the “trading power” i.e. what you can trade it for.

The different methods for indicating timeshare seasons most often reference demand over any other factor, and are the best idea of price. The emphasis on date is not so important because there is no universal standard between destinations. If you are about to buy a timeshare at a particular club at a specific time of year it makes life easier if you establish the type of week first; that way a “2 bed high at Anfi beach” will mean much more.

Source by James Toby Howson

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Cold Weather Effects on Heart and Circulatory System

Your body’s reaction to heat loss is involuntary and driven by the hypothalamus, the tiny gland in the brain acting as a thermostat. The hypothalamus is very sensitive to any temperature variation in your body. Even a small drop brings the temperature regulation mechanisms into action: blood vessels in the skin constrict to prevent excessive heat loss and muscles shiver to create heat.


The hypothalamus is a cruel gland, though. Its only concern is to keep the vital organs at an acceptable temperature, and couldn’t care less if your toes or fingers became icicles. All of the thermoregulation mechanisms are designed to protect the core.


To guarantee wellbeing, the body’s core temperature needs to be maintained at around 36.9°C. What comprises the core? It includes all the vital organs such as heart, lungs, liver and kidneys central to your body. Because the brain is also important for your survival, it is part of the core despite being nowhere near the centre.


Surrounding the core is the periphery. It includes the skin, the muscles, arms and legs. Shake the hands of someone on a cold day and you’ll find out that the temperature of the periphery can be well below the core temperature icy-cold hands. However, a cold periphery is quite natural and, to a degree, an advantage. You constantly lose heat to a cooler environment until the periphery reaches the same temperature, and then the heat flow stops and you preserve heat.


This has its limits. The problems begin when the surroundings have a very low temperature. In this case, the temperature exchange between your body and the environment doesn’t stop and your core temperature starts to drop. Women have an advantage over men in that respect because their skin generally reaches a slightly lower temperature, so they have less heat to lose.


Every person reacts differently to thermal stress. Age, fitness level and underlying diseases play a major part in someones reaction. In addition, cold reactions are not Your teeth chatter, your body shivers and despite all efforts, you can’t prevent it. The tiny hairs on your body stand upright and try desperately to function as an insulating fur. Your skin looks bloodless and feels cold. All these reactions are an attempt by your body to preserve heat, although not a very successful one. Humans are well equipped to lose heat, but are less efficient in retaining it.

Necessarily associated with wintry conditions, as a sharp temperature drop in summer may have similar effects. Cold snaps bring relief from stifling heatwaves, but the cardiovascular system has not much time to adjust to the rapid temperature change and is, therefore, subjected to immense stress.


What are the effects on our cardiovascular system?


When blood vessels constrict to preserve heat, the heart has to work harder to squeeze blood through the narrow vessels. This may be too much for a sick heart. Surveys of blood donors revealed that blood pressure rose markedly after temperature drops. Published figures showed increases of between 12 and 18mmHg. While such an increase is not significant for a healthy person, it is sometimes a deciding factor for a person suffering already from high blood pressure.


Further, a heart under strain needs a high volume of oxygen-rich blood. However, narrow vessels do restrict the supply and symptoms of angina could develop. The British Heart Foundation defines angina as:

Source by Manfred Kaiser

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Zakopane, Poland – A Worthwhile Destination

When it comes to choosing a holiday destination, no matter what time of year or what activity you want to do there are hundreds of choices. If you search on-line for walking holidays you are showing options in and around the UK, skiing and snowboarding holiday searches bring up endless options in France, Italy, Canada, and the US and if you are looking for a relaxing short break you would most likely find your local health spa. Unfortunately for far to long, Zakopane, Poland has remained hidden on these results pages. There is no doubting the quality of a holiday skiing in the French Alps or walking in the Italian Dolomites in summer but have you ever considered a trip to the Tatra Mountains in Poland?

The Tatra Mountains form a natural border between Poland and Slovakia and are the largest mountains in the Carpathian Mountain range. Not only do the Tatra mountains provide opportunities for hiking, rafting and climbing in the summer months but come winter they provide picturesque slopes for skiers and snowboarders.

Zakopane is located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains in Southern Poland and is visited annually by around three million tourists. It is regarded as Poland's winter sports capital and is a popular destination for both mountaineering and skiing.

If we start with January, Zakopane is in mid winter and is a hive of skiing and snowboarding activity. Festive lights still hung through the streets in the center of the town and snow falling all around, make Zakopane feel like a true winter wonderland. There are cafés, bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs all the way up Krupowki (the center of Zakopane) offering a warm and welcoming rest place from the crisp winter weather. Heavy snowfalls in Zakopane are the norm during the winter months so Shelter from the cold and a warm meal are never far away. Poland has not yet adopted the Euro currency and although it will one day prices in Poland currently offer great value for money.

February in Zakopane is a busy time of year as Polish school holidays are split into different regions. This means the school holiday period gets drawn out over the whole month and the Polish people love to visit Zakopane to ski and snowboard. As March and April comes around the town seems to breathe a sigh of relief as tourism slows down and spring weather begins to come through with heavy snowfalls and hot clear days.

It is then not until the summer months of June through until September that the tourists return to Zakopane to see the transformed Tatra Mountains as they take on there new green look for summer. Walking and hiking is a must in Zakopane during the summer, with hundreds of options to choose from you can walk for days and days taking in the sights from different points around the Tatra Mountains. A common choice in summer is the walk to Morskie Oko, once you make your way up the 9km trail you enter through a small pass and discover a lake surrounded by mountains, the largest lake in the Tatras. To get to Morskie Oko from Zakopane there is a regular bus that takes you through to the start point of the walk at Lysa Polana. A definite must see during a trip to Zakopane.

So back to winter and the ski slopes in Zakopane usually begin to open around mid November when the snow is deep enough for the skiers to return. Once again the town turns back into a winter wonderland and the winter weather sets in.

Zakopane really is a holiday destination worth a visit, as you can see above it offers more than just a cheap Eastern European holiday. Accommodation in the town ranges from self catered very cheap rooms to catered chalets and luxury hotels. The one thing to be aware of in Zakopane is that it is a big town and accommodation can be found on the Internet that is in an area recognized as Zakopane but is actually a long long way from the center of the town and all the major facilities .

Source by Gareth Nicholls

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Yacht Insurance – Adverse Weather Cover

Unfortunately for our boats, we can not always accurately predict the weather and as a result, may find ourselves suddenly faced with inclement weather conditions which we have not prepared for. With this in mind, why leave the fate of our prized possessions in the hands of mother nature? Yacht insurance from this reputable boat insurance company, offers a comforting net of security, should any surprise adverse weather cause damage to your vessel, so there is no longer any reason to leave the protection of your boat to chance.

Covering a comprehensive and relevant range of eventualities, each of their policies have been devised to cover you for the most likely causes of damage or loss. The amount and type of cover which you choose to purchase is up to you, as they offer a selection of different policies which span from cover for individual aspects, up to all inclusive protection, wherever you'll be protected for all possible occurrences.

Your quote will be compiled based on unique aspects of your boat, to ensure that the cover you receive will be relevant to your particular yacht. This means that you avoid paying for unnecessary cover, which is often not the case with other insurance companies.

In the unfortunate, yet possible situation of a storm or unusually high winds, which may cause your yacht to be claimed by the waters, we provide a service to fully remove the wreck, saving you a potentially great amount of money and stress.

Personal effects cover may also prove cruel, if faced with treacherous weather conditions. These insurance specialists can offer cover up to the value of 2500, as well as the option to cover further specific items of equipment if necessary. The policies also offer you the chance to choose the level of liability of cover for those aboard your yacht, so that you can assess the most appropriate cover which is individually tailor to you.

Why take the ease and relaxation out of sailing, by remaining inadequately covered against adverse weather? Enjoy your boat the way it's designed to be, with competitive yacht insurance from a comprehensive boat insurance company.

Source by Jenny Filley

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Enjoy the Nightlife of NYC in Nightclubs

New York is well known for its night life, beaches parties and many other events held throughout the year. You will find lots of parties throughout the year and New Year is no omission. It clings exciting to celebrate New Year eve in New York. New Year in New York is something that everyone wants to experience at least once in life. This is a city that never sleeps. One can find lots of things to do in New York. City shine with clubs, bars, lounges, skyscraper buildings, beaches and ball drop in Big Apple.

In Big Apple, everything is bigger, sparkling lights and beautiful decoration creates magic in the heart of people. The view of dropping ball at midnight is amazing and response of crowd is unbelievable. Every year, at the time of New Year, millions of people from round the world gather at Time square just to see the ball drop at midnight. In the last few seconds to ring the New Year everyone fix their eyes on the big clock at Time Square and count the last 10 seconds to welcome New Year. The event of ball drop at midnight is world famous. The countdown begins early and lasts for the whole night.

Lots of fun, enjoyment, confetti and panama are tossed in air while waiting to ring the New Year. It is the most beautiful and attractive way to welcome New Year and say good bye to old one. There are plenty of other options to celebrate New Year eve at Time square. People who want to avoid the huge crowd of Time Square, there is no need to worry, celebrates this eve in the bars and nightclubs. With the nice jug of beer, they will tune the TV to see the awesome view of ball drop at midnight. It's New Year eves that cans glamor anyone into taking a bite out of the Big Apple, but you should get there early if you want a blotch.

If u wants to celebrate near sea side or river close to the Nature, in front of open air than you can rush to Hudson River, South Street Seaport, Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge to celebrate New Year Eve in New York .thus you have lots of option to celebrate New Year in New York.

There are thousands of visitors to NYC everyday. But for all this fun you have to do the preplanning that means you have to do the booking of air tickets and Hotels. You can easily access the website with the aid of the Internet. There are numerous websites which offers services to reserve hotels and flight tickets online.

Get complete information about best nightsclubs in NYC on the Internet where you can host a smashing party.

Source by Angelina Wilson

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Are You Traveling to Florida?

Florida is a southern state in the United States by the ocean with a lot of coastal beaches like South Beach with the art deco and a lot of tourist attractions. It is my favorite state. There are other coastal states with beaches, but Florida is the most famous. This article is about traveling to Florida.

There are more different kinds of fish in Florida's water than anywhere else in the world. The fresh water lakes and rivers are filled with fish, and the ocean water contains many kinds of fish also. Florida has the most egrets, herons, and pelicans north of the Caribbean Sea. There are alligators in the swamps.

Miami, in Dade County, is a famous resort city. Miami's largest industry is the tourists. The city can accommodate many visitors at the same time. Miami Beach has thousands of apartment buildings and hotels that are open all year long with lower costs in the summer. Many of the hotels are very luxurious. The white sand beaches, palm trees, tropical climate, and recreational areas attract millions of tourists to Miami every year. Many retired people in the United States move to Miami because of the healthy climate there.

The Florida Keys are a group of small islands that are made out of coral reef formations. The Keys begin at Biscayne Bay and stretch out into the Gulf of Mexico. They are connected to the mainland by an overseas highway that is more than a hundred miles long. The Keys have many tourist attractions, including beautiful beaches. Key West is the farthest Florida Key away from the mainland and it is the Southernmost point of the United States. Key West is also the only place in the United States that has just the right tropical climate to grow key limes.

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Romantic Holidays in Hill Stations of Kerala

Kerala is truly stated as "Gods own Country" because of its overall beauty and charismatic backdrop. It is a perfect holiday destination that takes you in the lap of nature with peaceful surroundings. Mighty hills and valleys, with aromatic spice gardens all around, beautiful and lush green forests, tall standing palm trees, and not to forget the backwaters where you can go boating, make this state a picture perfect place. It is a place where you can spend some quiet and serene moments. Couples who are looking forward to a gorgeous yet romantic destination can definitely look up to the Kerala for a love-filled trip in the green environment and turn it into a fairy tale.

Some Romantic Hill Stations of Kerala


Munnar is one of the major hill stations of Kerala and the perfect honeymoon destination for couples. Here they can enjoy the best moments of their newly married life. It is located at the confluence of three rivers which makes a magnetic appeal to the spectators. Tourists get mesmerized by the views of the various shades of green, which can be seen through the valleys and forests. Gorgeous trekking trails, waterfalls, lakes and dams are the things that impress the viewers. Here you also get to see other places like Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Eravikulam National Park and many more.


Idukki is among the most aromatic cities in Kerala where the couples can see the fine spice gardens and the beautiful hills and valleys. Idukki boasts of some of the most awesome places in Kerala like Periyar, Thalayar and other Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, KeezarKuthu Waterfall and offers the best views of the tea plantations and spice gardens. Munnar, one of the most popular hill stations of India, is also located in this District.


Located in the Idukki district the hill station of Thekkady is one of the most magnificent hill stations of the state where the couples can spend love lovely holidays in the laps of Mother Nature. This place is actually known for its rich flora and fauna and there are beautiful places to explore. Tourists can enjoy the wild beauties through jungle safaris and boat cruises in the Periyar lake. Couples on honeymoon here can celebrate their holidays amidst the nature and they can see their love blossomed here.


Ponmudi located in Trivandrum District of Kerala is another famous place liked by most of the couples who visit Kerala for their after-wedding holidays where they can enjoy the stunning view of the emerald green tea gardens.Ponmudi is also a nice place or hiking and trekking and the couples can also enjoy many adventurous activities along with the romantic holidays. They can also enjoy the Deer Park, Meenmutti Falls, Golden Valley and Peppara Wildlife Park among others.


Wayanad is one of the famous hill stations in North Kerala. The district boasts of vast, sprawling plantations of spices, tea and coffee. Some of the popular places here are Vythiri, Sultan Bathery and Kalpetta. With least population in whole Kerala, Wayand offers an awesome holiday experience in the lap of nature.

Source by Vivek Pal Royal

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Monte Carlo, Monaco Hotel Accommodation and Travel Guide – Monaco Tourist Attractions

The country is ruled by King Albert the Second. It is situated between France and Italy, but it has an opening to the sea. Monaco is theoretically a country, but because of its reduced dimensions, it is more like a city. Monaco Ville is the old part of the city, with traditional buildings and with the Royal Palace, Monte Carlo is the new side of the city, and La Condamine represents the West and North West of the city, with the port.

The Mediterranean climate with gentle winters and with 20 degrees in December makes Monaco one of the most wanted tourist destinations, even for the cold season. Only 17 % of the population is born here, the rest of them being French, Italians and other nationalities. The citizens of this country are spared from taxes, which attracts one of the richest people if the world here.

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, after Vatican. It is considered a luxury destination, and the prices here are not for anyone. The tourist objectives here are the St Paul Church, which is a part of the eight Anglican Churches from Gibraltar Congregation. The Oceanographic Museum is also an important attraction, but the Monte Carlo Casino and its surrounding gardens represent the most important attraction here. From the gardens, the tourists can reach the commercial area of the city, and behind the casino, terraces with great geometrical forms are built, covering the roof of the Convention Center Auditorium.

Amongst the attractions of this place, Cafe de Paris offers a resembling atmosphere with the cafes from Paris. Although Monte Carlo does not have many museums and monuments, the sightseeing and the possibilities offered here to spend quality free time offer enough reasons for tens of thousands of people to come here every year.

The Casino of Monte Carlo represents the most prestigious casino in Europe. It was opened in 186, and since then, it attracts tens of thousands of tourists. Even if those tourists don’t gamble, they are impressed with the luxury and services here. After the Second World War, the casino was closed, until 1952, when the Greek billionaire Aristotel Onasis bought it. Since 2004, there are some rumors that the American billionaire Steve Wynn wants to build a floating casino and a hotel on the waters in front of the city.

If you plan to visit Monte Carlo, you should prepare lots of money. From the hotels to the souvenirs and food, everything is expensive here, and this is why this is considered one of the most exclusive destinations in the world. On the other hand, a tourist that respects himself would surely want to see Monte Carlo at least once in a lifetime.

Source by Ivaylo Yordanov

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The Toltec – Shaman Warriors of Ancient Mexico

The ancient Toltec was a civilization that appeared around 850 CE. The Toltec were war-like people, expanded very quickly and conquered large areas that were controlled by the Maya. They started to dominate Mexico around the year 950 CE. They were masters in architecture and one of the first to use gold and copper in their works. Although they were at war most of the time they also were exceptional spiritual based people. Throughout southern of Mexico there is still believed that the Toltec were "true men and women of knowledge".

The basics of the Toltec spiritual knowledge consist of three masteries: Awareness, Transformation and Intent. They discovered that our perception of reality was purely a description, a description that could have been altered. The Toltec believed that science and spirituality were one and the same that was absolutely connected to only one force, energy. They became obsessed with this knowledge and started to develop techniques as well as using hallucinogens to change their perception. They became experts in "seeing" energy and saw that our perception is assembled at a specific point in our luminous sphere (energy body), an arm length behind us at shoulder level. Scientific proof of that was recently discovered. The Toltec "saw" that our current perception is assembled in the domain of reason. When in states of heightened awareness they see that when somebody dreams, their assemblage point also shifts. In dreaming states the assemblage point moves more towards the domain of the will. Their dreaming practices became an important factor in achieving their ultimate goal, to reach the totality of one Self. As their dreaming practices evolved they could move their assemblage point by intending it downwards to the domain of the will, not to confuse with the will of reason.

It is believed that the Toltec, at the end of their age, transmuted to return back to their purest form, energy, without losing their individual awareness. They intended themselves away, back to the source of what we really are.

Their knowledge and practices are still being used today and are available to anyone who is interested. Perhaps the most famous person who bought this knowledge in to light again is Carlos Castaneda who was an American anthropologist. He has written a collection of books about this knowledge and takes us on a journey to the realms of the unknown. He was the apprentice of an old Yaqui Indian named Don Juan Matus, a shaman warrior. Castaneda wrote in depth about his journey in a way of a diary and leaves us with practical techniques on how to achieve such states of awareness.

Source by Alexander E

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